Dermatology Group Practice Growth Accelerating

The landscape of dermatology changes every day, and it seems that nearly each change is at the expense of dermatologists. Rising regulatory and administrative costs, coupled with reimbursement uncertainty are making the practice of dermatology difficult for those physicians who value their patients, as well as their independence. This trend is causing a steady decline in dermatologists who can maintain a private practice. As a result, increasing numbers of residents and practicing dermatologists are left to choose between large dermatology practices, multi-specialty groups, or hospital – based organizations.

The Forefront Difference

The truth is your options do not need to be limited to a multi-specialty group, hospital or any place where your work status will read “employee”. At Forefront Dermatology, we have been physician owned and operated since our founding in 2001. Today, we have over 100 board-certified dermatologists and 25 Mohs surgeons practicing across 11 states. Each one of them is entitled to autonomy over their practice and the backing of our best in class support services organization.

Whether you are a resident, practicing dermatologist or looking to sell your practice, we want you to learn more about us and the Forefront Difference. Our redesigned website,, is structured to be both informative and educational. Browse through the website to learn more about Forefront Dermatology, our mission and vision for our practice, and the different types of opportunities for joining our practice. Check out the educational and industry events that we will be sponsoring or attending throughout the calendar year.


We are dermatologist owned and dermatologist operated, single speciality practice. We are always looking for dermatologists who long for a first-class organization with a proven track record and a fantastic formula for success.

Founder and President - Kenneth H Katz, MD

If you are looking for a new opportunity or are in the early process of exploring a change, don’t forget to check out our career opportunities. If you don’t see something that is a perfect fit for you, contact our business development team. They will take the time to understand your goals, objectives, and discuss with you our process for evaluating new locations.

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